Back in Madison

After a great year visiting colleagues in Melbourne, Australia I am excited to be back in Madison. And we have to hit the ground running. In a few weeks, I will be hosting a Scientific Advisory Board meeting for our NIH P01 grant studying the pathogenesis of Zika virus in pregnancy. We are also going to have a one-day symposium after the Advisory Board meets so their expertise can be shared with the UW-Madison community. After these meetings it will only be a few weeks until students arrive for the start of the academic year. I encourage grad students who might be interested in rotating in my lab to read my thoughts on success when starting grad school and my graduate student training philosophy.

The lab has been really busy working on exciting projects since my last update. We have a number of new papers in Biorxiv:

Keep an eye out for these papers, coming soon to a peer reviewed journal near you.

A big congratulations to Dr. Emma Mohr, who recently transitioned from an infectious disease research fellowship in my lab to her own faculty position in the Department of Pediatrics at UW-Madison. I look forward to watching her grow her research program and working with her as a colleague for years to come.